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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Febe Bebe:Makers of Fine Droolers & Bibs

Ok, I'll admit it. I am jealous of the talent of Sarah Howard. A few years ago I was introduced to her artwork and I knew that I could never (ever) dream of painting anything like what she could! Before York Region Baby in early 2006, my friend and I had started an online store that only sold items made by Canadian moms. We sold her amazing paintings to a number of very happy customers. And oer the past few months I've been eyeing her site as our nursery is being finished for our new little girl, who is set to arrive any day.

What's even more amazing is that on top of her very successful art business, she has 3 small children and has just started another business!

Before starting Mump & Grump Studios, Sarah made these very sophisticated bibs and droolers for a small store in her hometown and decided to start up again after her third child (who the company is named after) came along and was, shall we say very drooly.

Sarah started Febe Bebe as a Canadian answer to the stylish, functional bib that has been lacking in our market. Like all things fashionable the bibs and fabrics are always changing to keep up with the latest styles.

Sarah says "I had been through the cutesy teddy bear stuff, and was looking for something that would stand out! It was also important to have something that would be soft on my baby's skin, and was made with non-toxic materials."

The craft-momship is truly amazing and makes a fabulous new baby gift and what's even better is that the bibs are 100% vinyl free and are individually handmade in Canada.