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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lily on the Fly

Lily On The Fly is an excellent meal planning system for busy families who eat take out or dine out more often than they would like due to time constraints and day to day hustle bustle.

The Lily on the Fly system comes with cards that help you plan your weekly menu, grocery shop for the necessary items and cook healthier alternatives to dining out for your family.

The Hearty Meals for Hungry Families starter kit includes one 7-slot magnetic card holder, and a 36 card pack including hearty family favorites such as Giving Thanks Turkey dinner; Cheesy Potato Soup, Pork Chops Oh Baby and Crabby Pasta Salad.

The 7-slot magnetic card holder is an excellent way to stay organized, to plan your weekly menu and to allow all family members to stay in the loop with regards to meal time.

The cards are a convenient size to slip into your purse to bring with you grocery shopping in order to ensure that you remember to buy all of the necessary ingredients for your week's meals.

The cards are also well laid out and colour coded (meals, side dishes, treats) to help make your planning as quicky and simple as possible. All of the ingredients are organized into one of seven general grocery store areas to make shopping fast.

All in all, Lily on the Fly is a wonderful idea for busy families who have a difficult time planning, shopping and cooking meals.